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Congratulations on becoming Part of a community of women who want to live Agelessly and want to change the world
We're starting a movement of women leaders. A gathering of smart women who want to have an ageless life and business. Yes, we are over 50, but we don't relate to the concept of age or being 50+. What we do relate to is having a lot to share and a lot of experience.  Our lives have not been a straight line to the top, but we have found success on many levels and multiple avenues.

We have been through the fire and now we rise.
On Your Ageless Life and Business Telesummit...
You’ll discover the success blueprint to Your Ageless Life and Business — courtesy of some very successful business women. Not only are all over 50, just like you, they've faced challenges you may have faced, and some you hope you never have to face.

The thing that makes these women truly amazing is that they have all been raw and vulnerable in their conversation; honest in a way we don't see in business or in life. They have not only shared their "speed bump", but each woman will also share with you: 
  •  What her life and business looked like before the speed bump/situation that lead to her transformation
  •  What profound realizations came out of this
  •  What she wants women to know from her story
  •  What does her life/business look like today
  • What is the one big tip she wants to share with you to help you have an ageless life and business
And on top of that, they have gifts to share with you that they use in their life and business!

You'll find out what life really looks like for successful business women, who like you, are living an ageless lifestyle after 50.

Because they care about your success they're sharing their most powerful life and business tips and strategies.

While this conversation is primarily about their speed bump and the transformation it brought, you'll also get insights into their business. In fact some of their speed bumps center around their business and have many great lessons for you to use.

For example:

Want to write a book?
You'll be hearing from many authors,  a book marketing strategist, an acquisition editor for a publisher, a top literary agent, and a self-publishing coach who is also a publisher.

Building a coaching business?
You'll be hearing from a few coaches in very different fields, including a coach who creating her practice out of dealing with her speed bump!

Building a small business marketing clientele?
You'll hear from a local marketing expert, a top copywriter, and an award-winning marketing and business strategist who is also an implementation specialist.

And there are so many more business models you'll learn about, as well as non-profits!

If you’re motivated, you can clear your schedule and stream each session free for 48 hours after it airs.
That way, anybody who wants to hear these sessions once can – IF they listen right away.
“What if I can’t attend all the sessions live?"
Frankly, this is the first telesummit I've done. Normally I do live 3-day events. This is such an important topic, and I know how busy you are, that I decided to make it as easy as possible for you to attend. No travel, no hotels, no time away from home or eating bad food in restaurants!

With 21 powerful interviews, it may still be impossible for you to listen to everything while it’s live.

You're smart to invest your time to learn from the experts who have been there, done that and are happy to tell you the truth! And with the All-Access Pass, you can listen to every session for years to come. That way as speed bumps come up in your life, you can go back and review what another successful business woman did to get through it. 

This will become a valued resource as you go through life and building a profitable business that fits into your ageless lifestyle.

This kind of up close and personal access to these experts as they take you into and through the speed bumps of their lives is something that would never happen at a live event you pay thousands of dollars to attend. It's like they are talking directly to you, because the reality is, they are. That's why they are sharing their story...to help you.

You don’t have to  pay $1000's most experts charge for their live events. And you don’t have to completely reschedule your day to catch all the sessions live. 
Now, with the All Access Pass, you can listen on your schedule. And in the future, you can go directly to the session that you really need advice from right now, when it’s convenient for you.

Just like any great source of life and business knowledge, you’ll want to review these interviews for tips and inspiration often over the years. 

These audios will help you feel more confident that you can create anything you choose with the tips and strategies you learn. 

So grab your copy now.

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3 Must Have Factors for 
Creating Your Ageless Life and Business
Learn the Insider Secrets These Successful Business Women Use to Be Ageless
Our experts all have one thing in common that you'll hear as you listen to our talks. It's their outlook on life. You'll be able to witness the mindset that allows these women to go through any kind of struggle. And now you will have the tools to model this shift in your own mindset.
Business Skills
These women have skills! Some have built multiple multi-million dollar businesses. Some have chosen to develop a lifestyle business where amassing a fortune is not their goal. But one thing they all share is high level business skills. Several of these women have multiple degrees and credentials across various fields they have enjoyed success in over the years.
Passion and Purpose
You must have a passion that drives you. These women share their passion and purpose, along with the tools and tips that keep that passion nd drive alive. Some of these women could have retired a few careers ago, but have chosen to find new ways to express their passion with a new project.
The one thing all these experts have in common is they never gave up, no matter how many speed bumps they encountered or how difficult and gut wrenching the challenges. The lessons you'll learn from listening to them share their stories are invaluable to you in terms of what you will be inspired to do from this point forward. But it's not just inspiration. These women share what they do in their lives and businesses to be the successes that they are. They also have generously given you a gift to help you create your ageless life and business.
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Get VIP access to a private Q&A session with me
If you want to create an ageless lifestyle as quickly as possible; and do it in a way that is completely individualized to you, the advice and insight of someone who has already been doing it for decades can really help you. 

I have always consciously created my life. It's something I intuitively know how to do. A big part of my business is helping women just like you create their life blueprint.

Becoming an entrepreneur is something I spent a fortune (I'm not kidding) learning. I studied with the top gurus in every area. That investment got me to the top faster than anything else could have.

I want to help you make your life and business everything you want it to be. That’s why I’ve decided to host a private Q&A session for you and other VIP All Access Pass holders.

Ask me anything — about creating your lifestyle, your business, or achieving your goals. I’ll answer your questions and give you my tips and strategies to create your ageless lifestyle as soon as possible. 

Ask yourself, "How much faster could I reach my goals if I could ask Lynn my biggest questions?"
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Get My Personal Notes from Each Session
I'm so impressed with these dynamic women and the transformations they have been through that I will be taking notes for my personal use as each session goes on replay. I'm big on actionable content and I know these successful business women will deliver plenty of nuggets of wisdom we can all use to create our ageless lives and businesses. I will put all my notes into a PDF that will be an additional bonus for choosing the All-Access Pass!
Just to Recap...Here's What You Get in the All-Access Pass
  • Mp3's: Every session recorded to listen at any time
  • PDF: My personal notes on each session
  • Bonus #1: The Secrets to an Ageless Lifestyle After 50
  •  Bonus $2: 7 Steps for Turning Your Passion Into Cash
  •  Bonus #3: Getting to YES Without Selling
  •  Private Q & A Session
And you have lifetime access to all of this!
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Read the bonuses . Put the information you learn to full use and then decide. 

You MUST love Your Ageless Life and Business Telesummit — or I’ll happily give you a full and complete refund.
Where Are Your Life and Business Headed?
You don't get to 50+ without things happening in your life. We all have those speed bumps and some are larger than others.

What you'll learn from these amazing role models is that you can get out of bed anyway and make things happen.

Instead of dreaming about the life or business you'd like to have someday, you'll hear exactly how these women have built their lives and businesses.

You are not an average woman. You're looking for much more from life.

Imagine where you’ll be with help from over 20 of the top women entrepreneurs, many of whom have been in business for more than 30 years, in multiple industries.

What will your future look like? How will success feel?

Six months from now, what will you be doing differently to live an ageless lifestyle?

Will you create a living legacy? Will you be the next woman I interview who has succeeded against all odds?

Follow the tips these women share. Learn from their example. Adopt their attitude toward life. They are laying it all out in the open for you to see and model. 

No more need to wonder what their life really looks like compared to yours.

6 months from now you could be in a completely different place in your life.

You could be living the life you've always dreamed of with a successful business that isn't draining every ounce of energy you have just to earn a living. Now you have a business that flows from the lifestyle you've chosen to create, and you're enjoying yourself so much, it's hard to tell work from play.

You get to choose what your life and business looks like, and the 21` successful business women are here to help you do that. Take advantage of the wisdom they are offering you!
Get Access to All 20+ Interviews, Plus 3 Exclusive Bonuses for…
just $197
You don’t have to figure it out all on your own to become a successful entrepreneur.

You don’t have to work 24/7 and buy more and more expensive products.

Because if you’ve ever felt like you have a something to share with the world…
Or you’ve dreamed of living an ageless lifestyle…

Then the All Access Pass is the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to get there.

You'll have instant access to the entire Telesummit — yours to listen to anytime for life — and the powerful bonuses.

You just need to do is take the next step and join me on the inside and get started now.

I can’t wait to see what your ageless life and business looks like in 6 months!

To your success,
Extremely Limited Time Offer
With the number of women we are bringing to you, it’s possible you won’t be able to listen to all of the calls, so right now we have a specially priced package of all the interviews available to you.

Just like any great source of life and business knowledge, you’ll want to review these interviews for tips and inspiration often over the years. So make sure to get your copy!

With lifetime access to the mp3 recordings, plus my personal notes. This is a library of knowledge from successful business women is hard to put a price tag on. And then add those bonuses and the private Q & A call... Priceless!
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