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Use to Get the Best RCI Resorts and Best Interval International Resorts
Learn How to Stay in RCI Gold Crown and II Premier Resorts Like Marriott, Hyatt, Disney, Hilton, Four Seasons and More!
Remember when you bought your timeshare and your salesperson showed you the RCI or Interval International (II) directory? You were led to believe that all you had to do was deposit your week, request where you want to go and you would be instantly confirmed to stay in a beautifully appointed villa in a 5-star resort.

What you have found is that you can't get anything you want! You called your resort and got no help there. You called RCI and II, and all they said was to request more in advance.
If You're Frustrated With RCI
And You Want To Learn How To Exchange
Into The Best Gold Crown RCI Timeshare
Resorts Rather Than Just Taking What's Available...
Then, This Will be The Most
Important Letter You'll Ever Read
The people who do will learn how to stay in the BEST timeshares in the world while you continue to struggle year after year.  

I know how frustrating it is when every time you call RCI with your request they tell you "Not Available". So you start a search request, wait 6-12 months or more for a confirmation, and out of desperation, end up taking a resort you really didn't want in the first place. Does this sound familiar to you? 

And to add insult to injury, when you get there, the quality of the "Resort" is less than desirable. You may have even had a year where you paid your maintenance fees but lost your week and ended up paying for a hotel on vacation. 

When you reached the breaking point and decided to sell you found you can't sell it for even half of what you paid! In the back of your mind, you feel that you have made a horrible financial decision and will continue to feel that way until you do something. 

You've spent thousands of dollars buying your timeshare and you've had little or no luck exchanging it! In reality, very few people know how to exchange their timeshare correctly.
Now You Have Expert Help!
Join me as I reveal the Inside Secrets of getting anything you want from RCI, something very few of the millions of timeshare owners know so that you too can...
SUPERCHARGE Your Exchange Power And Stay In The Best
Learn how to greatly improve your chances of getting what you want in RCI and II, regardless if you own a Red week in a highly desirable Gold Crown resort or an Off-Season week in Canada.  

After learning how to supercharge your exchange power, you will learn a second important ingredient for getting what you want from to supercharge your request.  Combine both and you will be guaranteed success when exchanging your week-no matter what you own! 

Almost no one in the timeshare world has figured out these tactics yet, which means you're about to enjoy an unfair advantage over millions of timeshare exchangers

The bottom line is, if you want to learn the best techniques in the world on how to exchange your timeshare, then this is the most important letter you will ever read.
5 Really Good Reasons You Need This!
  • There is nothing else like it in the world. I've created a system that explains what you need to do to from start to finish when placing an exchange request.
  • You'll never be confused and frustrated again when exchanging your timeshare.
  • This is not some flimsy little report with a few well-known recommendations that will do you little or no good.
  • "The Timeshare Exchange Bibles" contains pages of tips, secrets, methods, case studies and specific instructions on how to get the best exchanges in the world so you can be happy you own a timeshare.
  • There are pages of testimonials from real live timeshare owners (just like you) who have already used the "The Timeshare Exchange Bible".
You can read their success stories below and know that it really works. "The Timeshare Exchange Bibles" work with any timeshare. 

You don't have to wonder if what you own is either too good or too bad for these techniques to work. If you own a timeshare you'll benefit. Period end of story! 

You'll join thousands of other Timeshare Exchange Bible success stories, like Sylvia and Frances.
Sylvia wrote to say...

Thank you so much for The Timeshare Exchange Bible. I found the information you gave me very helpful. Since I do have more than one timeshare, your information on the difference between them was very helpful. 

I now know the difference between how my deposits work for RCI and Interval. I was not very familiar with the workings of Interval and hopefully, now I can use what you gave me to trade more efficiently. Thank you for your book.
Thank You,
Sylvia O.

Frances said...
My husband and I are owners at Palm Springs and another in San Diego. We have yet to complete one exchange week. 

 My previous attempt ended without success. After reading The Timeshare Exchange Bible I now understand the steps I need to take to complete a successful exchange. 

It has a wealth of knowledge and I now feel confident and ready to take full advantage of our timeshare exchanges.
Frances S.
Retired Teacher
Fresno, CA 

And then there's Anna and Mark...

Anna said...
anna, testimonial, timeshare exchange bible
Jeff, thank you, thank you thank you. We’ve struggled for
 years with the exchange system and were ready
 to give up. We now are experts and are glad 
we bought our timeshare. 

Thank you,
Anna S

Mark said...
mark testimonial, timeshare exchange bible
I have found Jeff pierce to be an incredible resource. 
He has made the overall  exchange process 
effortless. I’ll be using  The Insider’s Information 
or years to come. 

Mark M.

"The Timeshare Exchange Bibles" are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Take a look at either Bible for 30 days. If you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase you'll get your money back. 
What Are You Waiting For?
These Are the Only 2 Books in the World on this Subject, and 
They Are Guaranteed to Work. You Risk Nothing!
I was totally amazed when...
I learned that the majority of the owners in one of the timeshare world's best resorts were not getting the exchanges they wanted. 

Out of the thousands of timeshare owners, I had personally consulted with in the 5 years I worked there, the overwhelming majority were frustrated and didn't have a clue on how to do an exchange.

Let me introduce myself: 

My name is Jeff Pierce and I've been in the timeshare industry full time for nearly 30 years with companies such as the Westin, Four Seasons, Grand Solmar and the Lawrence Welk Resort. For the first 13 years of my career, I did 2-3 timeshare presentations a day 5 days a week. I thought I knew all there was to know about how to do a proper exchange, and in fact, I was considered the"Exchange Expert" wherever I worked. 

In those 5 years, I worked exclusively with owners, explaining through phone consultations, the best way to exchange their timeshare effectively. I learned more in those 5 years than I had in all of my previous experience. 
I learned a lot from those few owners who were getting good exchanges, but more importantly, I found out real time what my clients were doing wrong.

In an effort to help my clients exchange their timeshare correctly, I spent hours on the phone each and every month with RCI and II personnel, trying to find out why these owners were having vastly different outcomes while owning in the same resort. 

Surprisingly, I found that very few RCI or II agents could explain why an owner of a Red week in highly demanded Gold Crown resort, COULD NOT get an exchange to Hawaii, while someone who owned a Blue week in Canada could.  

I then turned to the Internet spending hundreds of hours trying to find sources of good information on exchanging. 

Sadly, any search done with the word "timeshare" in it, led to resale sites. People are so frustrated by the lack of information available that they're selling their timeshares for pennies on the dollar! 

That's when it occurred to me, that I had unraveled the secrets of how to get what you want on exchange, something that very few other people in the world know. And this knowledge would help all timeshare owners, from the owner of an off-season week in the lowliest of resorts to the owner of the best timeshares in the world. 

Here's what I did so you don't spend years getting bad exchanges, hours of frustration looking for answers or selling your timeshare for a tremendous loss!
I Discovered How to Supercharge Both Your Request and Exchange Power, and That Doing One Without the Other Was Worthless!
  • I have taken what I learned in 18 years in the timeshare industry
  • Combined that with the knowledge I've dug out of both RCI AND II representatives I talk to on a weekly basis
  • Added to that what I've learned from personally making nearly 50 exchanges
  • Added to that what I've learned from analyzing the exchanges of thousands of my clients
  • To create a step-by-step guide that clearly explains how to get what you want on an exchange
They are power-packed guides called...

The Timeshare Exchange Bibles

You Won't Find These Proven Strategies  Anywhere Else...Period
30 Day Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
Secure Order Form - 100% Protected & Safe
Here Is What People Who Have Already 
Used The Bible Are Saying:
timeshare exchange bible, testimonial
Before I only dreamed of Hawaiian and Caribbean vacations, I'm now considering taking my mother to Africa andthat 
liberation is solely due to your Bible.
 Mrs. Dren James 
timeshare exchange bible, testimonial
"Your suggestions were immensely helpful particularly with our plans to visit Hawaii. Although we have several timeshares, the trade process always seems to be rather complex."
Thanks so much!
Karen Azlin
timeshare exchange bible, testimonial
I feel very privileged to have what feels like insider trade secrets. The comment I received from II was "I see that you have done this before" which of course was not true.
Jace Horwitz
RCI does millions of exchanges every year and you need every advantage you can get over the millions of other members so you can start enjoying your timeshare to its fullest today.

Finally the veil is lifted on how the exchange process really works and what you can do to get a better exchange. This is not theory. These are real life step-by-step examples you can put into place to guarantee a more powerful exchange. You will learn what REALLY works by following proven secrets I've personally used and discovered while working with thousands of timeshare owners.
QUESTION: Do You Really Want to Get the Best RCI Resorts and Best Interval International Resorts in High Demand Areas Such as Hawaii or the Caribbean? 
If so, Then Follow Me as...
I Give You the Step-By-Step Process of How to Get What You Really Want in RCI Every Year Regardless of What You Own... Secrets Never Before Revealed...Until Now!  

In "The Timeshare Exchange Bibles" you'll discover:
  • 21 little known exchange secrets - Finally go where you want, when you want, instead of just taking what's available. This alone is worth 10 times the purchase price.
  • 6 criteria that determine exchange power and how to maximize each one -This will give you the advantage over possibly hundreds of thousands of other RCI members when exchanging.
  • 1 thing that makes the biggest difference in getting a great exchange - this one thing will supercharge your exchange power.
  • 9 powerful strategies for placing a request with RCI - if you don't know this you're only half way there!
  • 10 case studies - Real life examples so you'll completely and easily comprehend this very difficult subject.
I'm going to take you by the hand and give you Ph.D. in the art of exchanging any timeshare.
News Flash? When You Bought Your Timeshare Your Salesperson Didn't Teach You How To EXCHANGE It He Taught You How To BUY It.
So Let’s Take A Look At What You'll Receive Today
 Inside The Timeshare Exchange Bible:
On pages 35-44 you'll discover the many different ways to strategize your request such as "The Straddle" and “Multiple Region Search.” I call this the "Strategic Request" and guarantees you'll get the exchange you want. 

On page 14 you'll find "The 7 Criteria That Determine Your Exchange Power" which will give you an unfair advantage over other timeshare exchangers when it comes to supercharging your exchange power. 

On pages 39-40 you'll see a case study on how Rob and Cathy employed "The Strategic Request" to do one of the most difficult exchanges you'll ever encounter… getting Christmas week in a ski resort! 

On page 16 you'll find "Insider Secret #5" the brain-dead simple way you can increase your exchange power immediately. A method that works for virtually everyone who applies it! 
As you've probably noticed by now, The Timeshare Exchange Bible is by far the Easiest and Fastest way to become an expert on mastering RCI or II on the market today as it allows you the fastest way to get confirmed into the most desirable resorts in the world.
And it goes without saying that this makes your life much easier. In fact many bible owners report they are getting the best exchanges ever in the shortest amount of time with just one phone call!
And That's Amazing Considering They Are Seeing These Results And Experiencing Vacations Like These...
Beach Vacations
Family Vacations
Golf Vacations
Vacations Abroad
Romantic Vacations 
Your Favorite Vacations Go Here Folks! 
Now, you may believe that a system that can do all of that for you,and much more, costs a
pretty penny... And, in all honesty it really should. After all, this system has helped thousands of folks
just like you enjoy some of the best times of their lives experiencing Five Star vacations.

I'll get to the price in just a few moments. First I want to share a few other unique benefits this 
one-of-a-kind system will deliver to you:
You'll Discover The Number One Thing You Absolutely
 Must Avoid SayingAt All Cost When Banking Your 
Week In Order To See The Results You Desire. 
That's “Insider Secret #12” and is covered on page 20. You'll also discover some really clever ways to
make planningyour exchange an absolute blast! 
I've proven that exchanging a timeshare can and should be enjoyable and I want to share those secrets 
with you too Plus: 

I'll be revealing all of the exact steps, secrets and the specific times to do them so you can make just One
Phone Call to RCI or II and get the exchange you really desire when you really, really want it!

The Price Of Either Timeshare Bible Sold By Itself

Could Easily Be Valued At $97...

Yet You're Not Just Receiving The Timeshare Exchange Bible Today! 

Just for watching this presentation I’d like to give you FREE OF CHARGE these value added bonuses to help you enjoy your timeshare exchange vacations even more!
what to pack for any trip, timeshare exchange bible, bonus

Your First FREE Gift Is...
"What to Pack for Any Trip"
The last thing you want to happen when you go on vacation is to get to your destination, unpack and realize you forgot something.

Whether it's an item that's expensive to replace but necessary, or just and inconvenience. That will never happen again if you use these handy packing lists. 

Whether you're going to vacation on the beach, snow skiing, taking the kids to Orlando or traveling abroad, you'll have everything you need.

This Report Is Valued At $19.97

But It's Yours FREE Today.

              Your Second Free Gift Today Is
  "The Natural Disaster Preparedness Guide"
 The last thing on your mind when you leave for vacation is preparing for a natural disaster. But they happen all over the world every single month of the year. 
 This report contains What to Do before during and after an earthquake tsunami or hurricane. You'llnow be prepared with all of the information you need to comfortably and safely travel 12 months of the year to any area of the world you choose. The information in this guide could literally Save Your Life and the Lives Of Your Family.

This Report Is Valued At $19.97

But It's Yours Free Today.

almost free, timeshare exchange bible, bonus
Your 3rd Free Gift Today Is...
"Almost Free: The Definitive Guide to Bargaining in Mexico."

This special report will save you hundreds of dollars while buying gifts and souvenirs in Mexico or any bazaar in the world. The vendors on the beaches and shops in Mexico are some of the best salespeople anywhere at extracting the most money from you for their products. 

This valuable guide will put you on equal ground so you can get a fair price NOW!

This Report Is Valued At $14.97

But It's Yours Free Today.

timeshare exchange bible, bonuuses, the timeshare exchange expert

And If You Bought The Bible And 
All 3 Bonuses By Themselves...

Your total investment would be Over $150! However, just for watching this presentation today I have a…
 Much Better Deal Coming Your Way!
13 Reasons to Buy The RCI or II  Timeshare Exchange Bible Now!
  • For starters, absolutely NOTHING like this has ever been offered-anywhere, by anyone!
  • Give yourself an advantage over hundreds of thousands of other RCI or II members when exchanging.
  • You paid a lot of money for your timeshare it's now time to start enjoying it.
  • The price is cheap! You've already spent enough money on buying your timeshare, HOA fees, exchange fees, membership dues, property taxes and special assessments. I've made this valuable resource affordable to everyone.
  • You only have to buy it once.
  • Reduce your frustration level when dealing with RCI and II. After reading The Timeshare Exchange Bible you will know more about HOW the exchange system works than the exchange counselor you are talking with.
  • Slash your learning curve down to a small fraction of the time you would otherwise spend on having to find, learn and absorb all of the material yourself.
  • Stop doing bad exchanges. You won't have to take years of trying to figure this out on your own.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to get a confirmation. No more waiting 9-12 months or more for a confirmation that comes 2 or 3 weeks before you're scheduled to go!
  • Learn how to exchange any timeshare into the best RCI Resorts and best Interval International resorts. Why settle for less.
  • Learn how to exchange your smaller suite into a larger one...for no extra cost!
  • Discover the secret to getting the best view suites on exchange. Avoid looking at the dumpster rather than the ocean when you do get that exchange.
  • Learn how to exchange your off-season week into the prime season.
Learn Very Quickly What Most Timeshare Owners 
Will Never Learn in a Lifetime
Let's Just Make This A Really
Easy Decision For You Today, Okay?

So Your Investment Today Will Not Be$150

Not Even Half That!

 Not Even$59!

Your total investment today, which includes:                                         
EITHER The II Timeshare Exchange Bible OR The RCI Timeshare Exchange Bible 
And all 3 of the Bonuses you see below you is ...
timeshare exchange bible, free bonuses
Only 1 Payment of $29.97!
Click On The Button Below To Lock In Your Discounted Price
 Today For Only $29.97

"The Timeshare Exchange Bibles" are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Take a look at either Bible for 30 days. If you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase you'll get your money back. 
What Are You Waiting For?
These Are the Only 2 Books in the World on this Subject, and 
They Are Guaranteed to Work. You Risk Nothing!
Plus if you act now before this presentation ends I will toss in this
one-of-a-kind super-bonus worth over $97. 
It's called...
The World's Best Resorts In RCI And II
rci, world's best resorts, timeshare exchange bible
interval international worlds best resorts
Now that you are a master at exchanging your timeshare you'll want to know which resorts are 
World Class. Whether you exchange with RCI or II, your report contains more than 140 of the best
your exchange network has to offer, many of which you would not uncover on your own. 

They have the finest locations, accommodations, restaurants and activities in the world. Staying in 
one of these top resorts will be an experience your family will never forget. Many of my clients 
exchange exclusively from these lists.
Easily Valued At $97 It's Yours Free Today.
You will receive the report that matches the Bible you choose, either RCI or II.  That brings your total value 
to over $247 yet today, if you Act Now, it's all yours for just...                                       
1 payment of only $29.97
30 Day Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
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Here’s What People Are Saying:

Brian Bergeson - Eye Fi VP Sales

I wanted to say thank you for helping me navigate the time share waters.  Our conversation was very informative and will allow me to better utilize my time. I may take you up on your offer for advice in the future. Once again 
many thanks.
Thank You,


Carlos C. MPH  Health Educator 
County of Riverside Department of Public Health
Kaiser Permanente, Department of Health Education and Preventive Medicine

Dear Jeff,

 I was a little confused on how to trade and benefit from my timeshare, but thanks to your extensive expertise, you made it very easy for me to understand. I appreciated your pleasant personality and your helpfulness. I look forward to many more years of travel.


Monica E.

I just wanted you to know that we did get a timeshare in Kona Hawaii. It was just confirmed this week, for Spring break next year. We are very excited about that.

Thanks for all the input!

Sherri R.

Jeff answered questions that I didn't even know I had, but that I would have had as I went through the process. He told me how to maximize the power of my ownership, and made me understand what a great purchase I've made! He also gave me 'insider trading secrets', but I can't tell anyone about those! He is definitely an expert in using the exchange system, and now I am, too! I'm going to use my week to go to Hawaii for the first time. I know my resort will be amazing because Jeff told me where to stay!

Judy W.

Dear Jeff,

I've finally learned how to maximize my trading power and use my timeshare weeks to my advantage. Even though we have had timeshares for many years, I learned more information from your Bible in one reading than I could have in doing a lifetime
of exchanges.

I think you definitely have a wealth of information and I'm looking forward to taking advantage of what I have learned. 


Annette H. Staff Accountant 

Dear Jeff,

The knowledge you have so generously shared with me, takes the anxiety out of the exchange process. As I mentioned, once I jump in and get familiar, I know I will learn to utilize the full power of my timeshare ownership.

You have been gracious in making yourself available to me. Your proactive attention to our ownership has exceeded my expectations. It is wonderful to know I have you to turn to, if needed, to assist me along the way; ensuring I get the most from my purchase.


Corinne G.

Mr. Pierce has been a concerned and helping specialist in his field   of expertise. I had some concerns as to how to go about using my newly purchased timeshare. He thoroughly and patiently answered ALL of my questions, spending quite a bit of time on the phone with me (time is money!) 

I believed him to be very knowledgeable and informative. He really helped to put me on the right track with my   
vacation plans. I would recommend him to my closest friends.


Liz M. A. Community Development Technician

Hello Jeff,
Thanks again for explaining on how the deposit and reserve for future trips work, big help with which resort and which island to go to in Hawaii. 
I have so far deposited my 2006 on the greens in San Diego, and waiting patiently for my picks in Hawaii for June 2006. And in October will Deposit  for 2007. 
Thanks again.

Mary G.

Dear Jeff, 

Thank you for all the helpful information. You cleared up many concerns and gave me some good tips on how to best use the reservation process. I am brand new at all of this and it was a little daunting until now.

I was a travel agent for twenty years so we have traveled extensively but never had the time to travel leisurely. We really look forward to exchanging our timeshare around the world.


Margaret W.

Dear Mr. Pierce,
I appreciated your telephone call regarding our recent vacation ownership program. I had many questions on the usage of the program. You provided information which made it a simple step by step process. I look forward to our upcoming vacation. Coincidently, one of the resorts you highlighted to me is my cousin's resort of choice. We plan to schedule our 2006 vacations together. Had I not spoken with you, this would have been a missed opportunity. Now we have a family reunion in the works.
Your professionalism, knowledge and direct responses to my questions has made our ownership decision a truly sound investment for our family. Thanks again for the information. You are a tremendous contact and I am grateful to have a personal contact in the program.


Roger B.


We had thought about selling our timeshare but you made it sound so great to be an owner that we have decided to keep it. Now that we have used it for the first time we kind of have an idea of how it works. 

I will definitely deposit my week as soon as I can. I didn't know that I could do that. I always thought that I had to have vacation plans already set for somewhere before I could ask RCI or Interval to look for me. 
Thank you so much.

Heidi M.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for all the information you shared with me! I had some confusion with the RCI and II systems with banking vs. requesting space. Now I will know to bank early with RCI and request early with II to better my chances of getting what I want. 
Thanks again.

Al M.


As we had discussed staying flexible has paid off. I got a call from I.I. asking is I could go to Banff one week later than I had requested, "yes I could" so we got a two bedroom 2 bath unit in Canmor the first week in October. 

We are still going to try for Hawaii next year, your advice has been very helpful and appreciated. I also have the bonus week we want to use sometime, I will seek you council on the best way to use that as we get our plans formulated. 
Thanks for all your help. 

Pat H.

Dear Jeff: 

It was really great talking to you today. Timeshare owners have a lot of learning to do in making really good exchanges and you were very helpful today. It is rare, but occasionally I have gotten into bad situations and didn't know how to handle it. 

Your patience is commendable and your knowledge is outstanding. You have shared a lot of helpful ideas that makes this process work and that is where many timeshare owners get discouraged. I have been moving thru it by trial and error but have really benefitted from your help.
Yours truly.

Remember: Along With Your Timeshare Exchange Bible, 
The World's First And Only A-Z System Of How To Exchange 
Into The Best Resorts In RCI & II...With Just One Phone Call 
You'll Also Be Receiving...
what to pack for any trip, image, timeshare exchange bible

What To Pack For Any Trip

These handy packing lists make sure you never forget anything again! Whether you’re going skiing, to the beach, Orlando or Europe.

natural disaster preparedness guide, timeshare exchange bible, image, bonus

The Natural Disaster Preparedness Guide

You and your family will now be prepared to safely travel the world and know what actions to take if unexpectedly caught in a life threatening situation.

almost free guide, timeshare exchange expert, bible, image, bonus

Almost Free: The Definitive Guide To 
Bargaining In Mexico

A book that will save you a fortune when shopping in the markets, bazaars and on beaches anywhere in the world!
And My Super-Bonus: The World’s Best Resorts In RCI And II 
world's best resorts, rci, interval international, ii, timeshare exchange bible
So you’ll never ever “guess” which resorts offer the best vacation experience in the timeshare exchange world!
Click The Button Below...And Let's Get You Started Now!
All This For Only $29.97
timeshare exchange bible, rci, ii, interval International
30 Day Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
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