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This is your time. The speed bumps you've encountered have transformed you. They moved you further toward what you're meant to do.  

This summit is your opportunity to stand up for what's important to you alongside this group of women just like you. Women who have been through the challenges of life and used them as a catalyst. They have faced their fears, they have dealt with insecurities and made new choices. Within the stories they share from their life and business, the path for you to successfully create your ageless life and business will become clear. 
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Is this summit for me?
Yes, you can feel it. That's how you ended up on this page. You want to use the gifts you've been given to create an ageless life and business
Where is the summit?
This summit is completely virtual so you can watch from wherever you are in the world - no travel!
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It is absolutely free to watch during the summit, but you must register to access the interviews
Is this summit for me?
Yes, you can feel it. That's how you ended up on this page. You want to use the gifts you've been given to create an ageless life and business
Where is the summit?
This summit is completely virtual so you can listen from wherever you are in the world - no travel!
How much does it cost?
It is absolutely free to listen during the summit, but you must register to access the interviews
These renowned speakers have been featured in these media outlets:
Speakers featured in Forbes, Money, and CNBC
Join us online as 21 experts each shares her major life or business transition after hitting 50. They will be sharing their story, their transformation and tips and strategies you can use to create your ageless lifestyle and business. These experts are so multi-dimensional that paring their business down to a short title of what they do, doesn't even begin to cover their expertise and the scope of their buisnesses.

You’ll discover how each woman's challenge transformed the depth of what she does and made her stronger. We each have had something happen in our life that served as a temporary speed bump and every single one of these successful business women came out the other side with a different perspective or completely different business.

I know you're looking for descriptions of what you're going to hear from these women, but it's so personal and powerful that it's just not right to break it down into bullet points. And I won't give these talks titles because they range from speed bumps to tragedies that I won't dishonor by trying to find a snappy title. 

I promise you that you've never heard successful business women pull back the curtain and reveal their truth like this anywhere. In fact most of these women told me they had never talked about their story before.
Lisa Crisalle
Health/Nutrition Marketing
Susan Gilbert
Book Marketing Strategist
Wendy Robbins
 Co-Producer TV Show
Inez Bracy
Coach, Author, Scientist
Mo Bailey
Master Coach-Consultant 
Lynn Klippel
Publisher and Author
Wendy Keller
Literary Agent
Mary Marcdante
Coach and Author
Dr. Fern Kazlow
Founder No Doubt Zone
Linda Allen
 Local Marketing Consultant
Dr. Gayle Carson
Radio Network Founder
Sandy Brown
Coach and Author
Daine Conkiln
Marketing Strategist
Karen Anderson
Acquisitions Editor
Linda Forsythe
Founder of Mentors Harbor
Lorrie Morgan Ferrero
Founder Red Hot Copy
Liz Pabon
Content Creation Strategist
Sharyn Abbott
Fortune 500 Consultant
Jane Barlow
Susan Karcher
Author, Realtor
Stephanie Frank
Cyber Security Expert
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Starts Febuary 8, 2017
Hosted By Lynn Pierce
Lynn Pierce, author, speaker and radio host is passionate about living a healthy, ageless lifestyle after 50; all while redefining what success means for soul based entrepreneurs. 

Along with founding “Empowered Women’s Business Summit” in 2004, she brings you 30+ years of teaching how to combine business and personal development to reach the pinnacle of success and create the ageless life and business of your dreams.

Known as the Voice of Ageless Living, just tell Lynn what the life of your dreams looks like and she’ll help you create the blueprint to get you there. Her Life Blueprint Process shows you how you can be wildly successful, living life your way, and fitting your business into your life rather than the other way around. 

Lynn’s own life serves as a personal case study! In a short 12 months after cracking the entrepreneurial blueprint code, Lynn Pierce created 3 completely different live events in 3 different cities, developed 6 new information products from scratch, appeared in national magazines, was interviewed on numerous radio shows and increased the subscriber base of her ezine by 600% while still vacationing 8-12 weeks a year and moving to another state!

She is co-author of more than a dozen books including the #1 Best Selling, “Wake-up...Live the Life You Love”. Lynn’s is author of, “Breakthrough to Success; 19 Keys to Mastering Every Area of Your Life”. 
Create The Ageless Life and Business You Want!
We all have faced challenges in our life and business.  By learning from these successful women who came through their speed bump or tragedy to transition into an ageless lifestyle and business, you can jump over common mistakes, and have solid strategies in place for handling life's major challenges.  Whether you're burnt out or just starting out on your own, what these women share with you will have you feeling confident, giving you the tools to face any of life's challenges.

And, by listening to these conversations you'll be able to answer the question you haven't been able to answer to your satisfaction before; "How can I show up more fully and express myself in a way that truly supports myself and others?"
It's Not Just a Summit, It's Your Story and It's My Story...
It's a Movement

Being ageless isn't just a matter of eating healthy and looking young. It's more than that. 

50 might be a happy rite of passage for you or it might be a number you refuse to accept as pertaining to you. One thing we can all get behind is the fact that our years have given use experience. And those experiences have given us a wisdom that was hard won. I say hard won because nobody has a charmed life.

By the time you reach 50, most likely you have encountered at least one speed bump in your life. For some of us, multiple speed bumps or down right tragedies.

And yet we have to keep moving forward. We have expectations of ourselves. Others have expectations of us. People are watching. What will they think?

Sometimes those speed bumps require us to slow down or stop our business because of the nature of the speed bump. And other times, we know intuitively that walking away is what our souls require. And in some instances, the speed bump tells us to hurry up rather than slow down. Every speed bump is as individual as we are.

I had mine 5 years ago. It led to the decision to close my business and it's been a long and winding road to the decision to reopen it. I realized I couldn't just show up one day and say, "Hey, I'm back!", with no explanation. 

That lead me to wonder how many other successful business women have gone through their own speed bump and nobody knows? I had noticed that some of my peers that had been posting from their personal life for a long time were now talking more about business again. So it made me curious.

Then while taking a bubble bath on a Monday morning I got an idea. I'm going to find other women like me and ask them to share their stories of transformation, to tell the truth about their speed bumps or tragedies. I'll do a telesummit to go behind the social media curtain we've put up and look at their real lives, raw and vulnerable.

Who would want to tell their story that isn't so pretty? 

Who would see the bigger picture of helping thousands of women who are experiencing their own speed bump and think they are all alone? 

How would I share my vision so they agree it's time to tell their story?

First of all, how do I find them, since nobody talks about the down times on social media?

That's part of the problem. We are made to feel bad about anything in our lives that's less than perfect because all we see on social media is pretty pictures! It's so important to keep up that public image.

But I did find them, and 21 courageous successful business women have come forward to share their own personal speed bump. Some are major tragedies that I hope you never have to deal with in your life, but they made it through. Some are things that you could possibly be going through right now but are feeling too much guilt or shame to talk about. 

These women have the strength to stand up and tell their story in the hopes of sharing their lessons learned with you, to give you the insights of how they moved through their dark times. At the same time, you get to witness their psychology to how they see the world. That's a big part of what made them so successful and also what got them through and made them successful again. You also find out how they run their business and what their daily routine looks like. They are extremely generous with their advice, tips, and strategies. 

Their level of sharing has impressed me and I believe will challenge us all to go deeper and get bigger in our lives and businesses.

It's time for us to stand together as a group of women over 50. Your Ageless Life and Business is a movement of successful business women, who are not afraid to tell their truth and stand fully in their power. Women just like you. So join our movement. Be ageless, as we all move into our larger leadership roles together.

When I started in the information marketing business in 2001, the mentors and gurus were all men. There were no women leaders to learn from. In fact, that was the reason I created the Women's Business Empowerment Summit in 2004 as a place where women experts got the stage time they deserved, and other women were taught how to use their expertise to give them a bigger voice to create change in the world. It was the first event of it's kind. 

It's time to create a shift in the way we do business. We will create it with all the wisdom from the depth of our collective souls and the passion and life purpose that drives each and every one of us.

Now 16 years later as we come full circle and are looking to take our lives and businesses to the next level, there are still not many women standing up as leaders and mentors the way the men are. The group of women in those roles is a small percentage. It's time for us to take our place as leaders. It's time to speak our truth. It's time to stop playing even a little bit smaller than the magnificence we know ourselves to truly be. 

It can be scary to do it alone. But you're not alone. We are all standing up together, and moving forward together as examples of what it looks like to be ageless, in our lives and in our businesses.


It's up to us this time around to stand up and be the leaders. We have the experience as successful business women. We are creating an ageless lifestyle and business that allow us the freedom to have any kind of life we choose. We have the knowledge and expertise. And most of all the have a wisdom, empathy, and compassion that comes from walking through the fire, whether it was a dark night of the soul or a horrible tragedy.

Our introduction to this shift, this movement, is the telesummit where 21 women will be our role models of what this new lifestyle and ageless business look like. They will share their story, their psychology, tips, and strategies that have allowed them to go through their speed bump and come back stronger and more powerful with a clearer vision of what they want and how to make it happen. And many have already taken their businesses to new levels of success in a way that is much more personally satisfying to them and allows them to live an ageless lifestyle.

And they are sharing it all with you.

This is our movement. We are the leaders. Come join us.
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